Mike Luzio is a self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur, a founder and CEO, a Forbes contributor, and now — angel investor.

With 20+ years’ experience connecting people and companies to the right partnerships, strategies and opportunities that rapidly scale them into multi-million-dollar brands, as Managing Director of The LVE Group, Mike now actively invests his own capital in early stage and developed companies that have purpose, passion and heart.

As an active and aggressive angel investment organization, The LVE Group, under Mike’s leadership, is seeking opportunities every day to help start-up and small companies reach their potential.

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Mike Luzio’s Background After selling his first bootstrapped business, Industry Retail Group (IRG), for $50+ million to Vector Security, Mike founded The LVE Group, a company supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in growing exponentially through capital investments, high-performance coaching, and the human capital he developed during the course of boot strapping and building his own business. He’s proud of how he never took shortcuts and instead bulldozed his way through business challenges, always leading with integrity and transparency and leveraging epically talented people along the way. In executive/advisory roles, Mike guides professionals, from young hungry entrepreneurs, to C-suite teams in architecting vision roadmaps, accelerated growth strategies, partnership alliances and exit plans. Surround Mike with ambitious people facing obstacles, and he’ll clear the most profitable path forward—and walk alongside them in creating impactful legacies. His expertise: transformational leadership, relationship selling, connector of people, and personalization. Away from the boardroom, Mike—a devoted married father of three—might be on the field coaching his children’s sports teams, spending time with his wife and kids, as he strives daily to be a ‘good husband and a good Dad.’