Mike Luzio Works His Passion

Mike Luzio is a self-made entrepreneur, a dynamic closer, multi-millionaire, and the founder of Luzio vs Everybody, a brand that looks to inspire others to succeed through a “you vs the world” attitude.

After one too many Monday morning bagel meetings, Mike decided to bootstrap his first business, Industry Retail Group, in 2004 with just $15,000. As the co-founder and CEO of that company Mike used his natural talent for cultivating relationships to build and sell IRG in 2013 for more than $50 million.

Now, Mike hosts “52 American Success Stories,” a weekly web series featuring individuals and organizations who have overcome adversity in pursuit of their passions.

Mike uses his knack for motivating others to pull the inspiration out of the subjects and deliver their unique stories and advice for success to our audience.

Mike continues today, to service all type of business to deliver optimal performance via human capital consulting and capital strategic investment opportunities.

Luzio vs Everybody

Luzio vs Everybody is a direct channel to Mike’s motivation and his proven methods for success.

The main pillar of the brand is the web series “52 American Success Stories,” where Mike interviews people from all walks of life.

The goal of the series is that these truly inspiring stories encourage and give viewers the tools to work their own passions.

He is always looking for a good story, and potentially a great investment!

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